Choosing the next lens

Key features of a photography lens, aside for quality, are it’s focal length and its aperture. The focal length, express in mm is the zoom or field of view of a lease. There exist zoom lenses with variable focal (e.g 24-70mm) and fixed focal, prime lenses (e.g 35mm). The aperture controls how much light reaches the sensor, and higher aperture lens (e.f f/2.8 for zoom, f/1.4 for prime) are significantly more expensive than their slow counterparts (f/4. for zooms, f/2.8 for primes).

In 2019 I bough a new camera

My kind of photography I’m not a professional photographer and bought a camera to take good picture, because I enjoy looking at family albums. Hence I take picture at family reunions, during holidays or daily life. These graphs would be very different if I were a wildlife photographer, or had a particular focus. The only reason I have a camera and not a smartphone is because it takes better pictures, but I would love to ditch it for something more compact and that require less work (why to I need to process each picture in Lightroom while my <200$ phone nails the white balance everytime ?). However it takes very good picture, which is good.

The script

Data in 2019

Data since






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