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  • Zsh and bash pitfalls

    zsh is sometime touted as a drop-in replacement for bash. But it is not. When running our same scenario pipeline code on our cluster and on my macbook, I painfully discovered that while this work on bash, it will return an error “= not found” on zsh if [ $RESUME_DISCARD_SEEDING == “true” ]; then and…

  • Choosing the next lens

    Key features of a photography lens, aside for quality, are it’s focal length and its aperture. The focal length, express in mm is the zoom or field of view of a lease. There exist zoom lenses with variable focal (e.g 24-70mm) and fixed focal, prime lenses (e.g 35mm). The aperture controls how much light reaches…

  • First post

    Hopefully I’ll write something here.