Things that should not exist on a Mac

After years on many linux distributions (eventually settling on ArchLinux on a 2010 MacBook Air for the best part of my life), I decided to switch to Mac OS. I work on a MacBook Pro 16 on Mac OS. It’s ok, despite very bad handling of control. I don’t mind the Touch Bar as It’s useful to put emoji 🤔, something I like.

MacOS is quite good and even if sometime I miss linux, some features makes it worth it. There are two things that

  1. you have to plug the charger on the right side, which is right, otherwise you have this puzzling kernel_task eating 100% of your CPU, draining your battery and deteriorating performance. You should seriously try this if you have a MacBook, and see this amazing answer by Adam on stack exchange. I googled this during the pandemic to find out
  2. There is no easy fix for this one: the balance of my wireless earphones changes when I adjust the volume (perhaps correlate with high-cpu load). It’s quite frustrating to adjust your balance 10 times per day. I installed an open-source app, Ballast (there are other free non-open source alternatives), to correct my balance in real time. But it’s quite crazy that this is necessary.






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